Relocation Oil&Gas People in Israel

Relocation of oil and gas professionals in Israel requires special expertise.

Toolpushers, drillers, engineers, geologists or senior managers will find that I have the experience and acumen to locate the most suitable accommodation for their needs.

I understand the requirements of oil and gas people and can arrange “fully-serviced” apartments, houses or villas, residences that are fully-furnished and equipped, situated in relevant locations, with easy access to the highway, adjacent to company headquarters, convenient for those professionals whose children attend the American School or other suitable neighborhoods as required.

My experience includes (i) working with a fixed budget to meet the company’s financial demands, (ii) delivering photo images that provide the most relevant information pertaining to the available residences, result in an efficient and convenient service making the selection process pleasant, requiring visiting only the most suitable locations.

I am fluent in English, as well as French and Spanish, in addition to Hebrew.

I source residences from other real estate brokers in relevant locations, with those brokers acting on behalf of the owners and I act solely for the interests of the company, without any conflict of interests.